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Stick RPG
You find yourself between a state of slumber and wakefulness... You've entered the 2D dimension of Stickman.

rated 3.11 out of 5

played 15910 times
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For every hero there will always be a quest, but for every quest there is evil just waiting to be found. At first I thought the drawings in this game were kind of amateurish but then the animation is great.

rated 3.01 out of 5

played 2414 times
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The Pharoah's Tomb
You have to collect as much gold as you can from the dead Pharoah, you greedy bastard. But there are monsters and traps so you might die a well-deserved death.

rated 3.02 out of 5

played 2164 times
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You're a slave, ya poor bastard, who has to fight to amuse the Romans. Try to become more than a blood soaked piece of dirt that the colosseum janitors have to clean up.

rated 3.02 out of 5

played 2971 times
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Gandy Quest
Good ol' Gandy has lost his pipe and has to go to Isengard to find it (couldn't he just use magic to make a new one?). He also would like some money to buy his (achem) pipeweed.

rated 3 out of 5

played 3054 times
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Flash Gauntlet
You're a wizard surrounded by ghosts. Yes, a fantasy adventure game, and unlike the psychics on TV you realize that it is indeed a fantasy.

rated 3.01 out of 5

played 2113 times
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Lord Of The Rings Battle
Fight your foes in Middle Earth as Gandalf.

rated 3 out of 5

played 3306 times
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Video Game Sim
You're a professional video game player. See what it's like to make a career out of goofing off.

rated 3.04 out of 5

played 3138 times
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Dr. Carter
Not quite what you think from the title, but at least this is salvation you can achieve.

rated 3.05 out of 5

played 4476 times
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